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Support Coordination

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What is Support Coordination?

Finding and coordinating the support that best suits your needs can sometimes be challenging. Our experienced team will work with you to navigate the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), identify your goals, and connect you with services designed to help you reach those goals.

Together with you, your family, and your community, we’ll assist you in understanding and managing your NDIS plan, so you can fulfil your requirements.

What are the benefits of Support Coordination?

Support Coordination can assist you in creating long-lasting friendships, capabilities, and relationships, strengthening your ability to be independent. It is beneficial when you experience changes in your life, like beginning school, college, or a job, or when you move to a new home or area.

Does Having Support Coordination Reduce the NDIS Funding Available for Other Supports in My Plan?

Getting funding for Support Coordination does not take away funds from other supports in your plan. The Support Coordination fund is extra and does not affect the funding for other supports.

What Does an NDIS Support Coordinator Do?

Support Coordinators assist you in collaborating with your family and community to:

At Maya Community Care, your dedicated NDIS Support Coordinator will work to:

How to Find a Support Coordinator Near You?

The Maya Community Care team can connect you with support coordinators with experience supporting individuals with your specific disability. Ask us to help you now.