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Enhancing Independence with Assistive Products

Assistive technologies in the NDIS are products that make life easier and help individuals with daily tasks. They are designed to support independence and improve the quality of life. Maya Community Care’s disability support workers can assist NDIS participants in finding ways to live safely and functionally at home.

We will evaluate your daily life and match you with advanced assistive products for personal care and safety. We aim to help you become more independent at home. We strictly follow the NDIS guidelines to accurately assess and recommend products that will enhance your life according to your preferences.

Enhancing Independence Assistive Products

Revolutionise Your Daily Routine with Us

Our Assistive Products for Personal Care and Safety service is customised to meet your needs. We provide expert attention to every aspect of your care and guarantee your well-being and security.

We Prepare

A Safe and Inclusive Environment

We Provide

A Proactive Person-Centred Service

We Promote

Independence and Progression

Our Range of Assistive Product Solutions

We ensure the participants have access to all assistive products that could facilitate the smooth functioning of their everyday life and fulfil their special needs. We provide: