Maya Community Care

Innovative Community Participation

NDIS Innovative Community Engagement

At Maya Community Care, we believe every individual deserves the opportunity to engage actively in their community. Our Innovative Community Participation service empowers individuals with disabilities and those supported by the NDIS to explore new horizons, build meaningful connections, and make a positive impact. 

We are dedicated to assisting you in developing emotions and self-awareness within your community. Our primary goal is to empower you, enabling self-reliance and boosting your confidence in utilising community systems and programs.

Our Approach Towards Innovation

We recognise the unique strengths, goals, and aspirations of each individual we support. We collaborate with participants, their families, and relevant stakeholders to ensure our services align with their needs and preferences.

Tailored Support

Our tailored support services ensures that participants are engaged in activities that are meaningful to them, promoting a sense of fulfilment and empowerment.

Skill Development

We offer various skill-building activities to enhance participants’ confidence and emotions. We provide support in communication, decision-making, and daily living.

Advocacy & Empowerment

We empower participants by promoting self-advocacy, encouraging them to express their preferences. We work with participants to develop leadership abilities.

Enhancing Personal Growth and Well-being

Our community engagement professionals prioritize personal growth, well-being, and stability to effectively establish connections with individuals. Participants can expect assistance in various areas, including: