Maya Community Care


NDIS Transport Service

Many individuals may consider travel alternatives simple and clear, but when you live with a disability, moving from place to place can be a major difficulty. Individuals with disabilities may face numerous barriers to mobility, including the capacity to acquire and access private or public transportation.

Maya Community Care provides travel and transportation services to individuals who need help getting around. Our Assist-Travel/Transport support is designed for participants who are unable to use public transport due to their disability.

Travel Conveniently with Our Reliable Transport Services

At Maya Community Care, our services are delivered by experienced and qualified support workers dedicated to providing a safe, reliable, and efficient service.

Flexible Scheduling

We offer flexible scheduling and arrange transport to adjust client’s needs.

Trained Drivers

Our drivers are trained to assist disabled individuals, providing a safe transportation experience.

Door-to-door Transport

We collect our clients from their doorsteps and drop them off at their destination.

Empowering Individuals in their Travel Ventures

We have expert support workers who help participants travel and develop the essential skills to navigate places independently, thus reaching their goals. So, if you need help moving to new places using your disability equipment, hire our support workers.

We assure you that, as a participant, you will be more than satisfied with our service. As an NDIS transport provider, we will first examine the constraints you are experiencing as a participant regarding moving. After that, we will personalise the support service so that you get the required help.